The Color Factory Company

Hey guys!

This past weekend was the first full weekend that The Color Factory was open in New York City! I bought tickets a few weeks ago as I had browsed the Instagram feed of the curated event and caught a behind the scenes look from a few of my favorite writers, Harling Ross of Man Repeller, and Hadley Keller of ADPro; via their Instagram Stories. I love keeping an eye on some of my favorite writers so I can get a read on how they explore and experience the same city that I love being a part of. 

This time they pushed me in the direction of the Color Factory Company. I bought tickets for two a few weeks out and decided I would go with whoever was available the afternoon of a hot Sunday in August!! I ended up bringing my friend Sarah along and we had the best time. I do not want to ruin the experience for anyone who may go, but I promise it won’t disappoint. Any waiting you might have to do is buffered with complimentary treats, they also have quite a few interactive activities between you and your group as well as carefully curated art installations that are really well suited for a variety of ages! 

I think the best part about the entire experience is that when you register upon arrival they give you a little keycard that has a QR code that is linked to your email. In each experiential room there is a professional camera that you scan your QR code into, the camera counts down and the resulting image is automatically sent to your email. 

The results are some really awesome memories! You can find tickets here : . I think everyone should try and find some time to attend this interactive installation! Its heaven if you are a child and it without a doubt makes you feel like one if you've past those years already...