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Are you missing one last piece for your living or dining room? We can help!

If we don’t have the piece you are looking for, please reach out and we would love to discuss options. On our buying trips we are more than happy to keep our eyes open for your next perfect piece or even reach out to our network of dealers to see if they have anything available more immediately.

Stay up to date on all new arrivals, new pieces are constantly being added to our collection.

Where to Find Us

We are pleased to announce that we joined The Gallery at 200 Lex. Located on the 10th floor of the New York Design Center, we are thrilled to offer a showroom closer to our clients based in Manhattan. Our collection at 200 Lex is a highly edited and curated selection of our finest antiques, typically what our New York-based clients request.

We love our showroom at The Antique And Artisan Gallery located in Stamford Connecticut at 69 Jefferson Street. It's full of some of our newest antiques from France, England, Spain, Sweden, Italy, and more. The collection is always changing and we are glad to meet you there whenever you are shopping for just that right piece.

This October, depending on local and national travel restrictions, we will be returning to show at the High Point Antique and Design Center. We will be grabbing our favorite pieces, hopping in the car, and heading on down to good old High Point, NC. You will find us in space #67 so download our map and come visit!

For 24/7 shopping, you can find our inventory on our own siteChairish, and Incollect.

Please follow us on Instagram and sign up for our email for the most up to date information on our locations and shows.

Private Client Services

Swedish Chest In Pale Blue, Original Finish

Since 2014 we have been dedicated to the antiques industry. Traveling overseas frequently, we maintain and establish new connections with the best dealers and resources across Europe and the UK. These longstanding and well established relationships allow us to gain early access to newly discovered inventory.

While buying and selling antiques, some clients began to rely on our expertise and market insight to help them build their collections. We work with private clients who are looking for particular items. Whether it's a certain style but has to be the right size, or you need a piece to fill out a collection, we can leverage the broad reach of our network across Europe to locate and purchase your requested item. Additionally, we have the ability to see upcoming trends before they make it stateside. This trend forecasting allows us to get ahead of the curve and inform our private clients of the current market and advise when it would be timely for them to buy or sell. This process covers sourcing, shipping, appraisals, submitting appraisals to insurance companies, and monitoring the marketplace.

To become a Private Client and to learn more about our antiques consulting services please contact us at

Antiques Dealer Training in Partnership with Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva

Antiques Dealer Training in Partnership with Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva

Our vision is to equip antique dealers with the tools and resources they need to sell antiques and become thought leaders shaping the future of antiques. Our team of experts provides a laser-focused program on how to build an antiques business to complement your knowledge of decorative arts. Successful decorative arts or appraisal programs focus on the study of antiques, their origin, and their worth; we teach you the Business of Antiques.

Our program is individually tailored to meet your needs wherever you are in the process of becoming an antiques dealer. If you’re just embarking on the journey of starting a new business we can help you from concept to launch. If you’re an established successful dealer who knows you are missing sales - or want to tap into a new market - we work with you to evaluate your current business and identify areas for growth opportunities and create a targeted, actionable plan.

Our sessions are one-on-one and are highly collaborative conversations that allow us to dive deep into what works specifically for you and your business.

To the Trade

Are you a member of the Trade? We would love to work with you. We offer exclusive discounts to all designers and dealers. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out. We love working with our colleagues and expanding our network.

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