Shopping Soho with Shelley Morris

We spent our Wednesday wandering around Soho in Manhattan with Shelley Morris from Shelley Morris Interiors.

Shelley executes beautifully classic, chic homes that always look well inhabited, properly loved and representative of its owners. From each conversation on design you can sense that she takes pride in the collaborative way she works with her clients. She strives and succeeds in creating unique spaces that fit each individual perfectly. Shopping with her was incredible because you can see her assessing quality, style and possible functional or decorative uses as she spends time in each shop talking with the shopkeepers.

One of the major aspects of Modern Antiquarian that Margaret and Kelly are working really hard on developing is our sharpened sense of perspective of the design world, livable day-to-day spaces and the places that antiques can fill in within these two decorative worlds. Design is an extremely personal process and it takes a lot of conversation, trial and error, and attention to detail.

Margaret and I both love design and definitely have specific tastes but what we have found ourselves to be good at is finding the best individual, unique pieces. We help designers and clients fill spaces with the perfect functional or decorative piece that can very often bring a look full circle. Working closely with established Interior Designers is an important part of what we do because it helps us understand what this market is looking for. What styles are trending, what has reached a strong saturation point, and really just discovering new ways to shop and look at the world!