Round Top: Round Up Part 1

Hey guys!

We are so happy to be home with our friends, family, and pets. We are missing our friends at The Compound already!! This was our second show so we have started to get to know all of the dealers at The Compound a lot better. The whole environment there is very friendly, aimed towards mutually beneficial goals and filled with magnetic energy. It’s so great to have this period of time to look forward to twice a year.

Kelly made a huge effort to get to know all of the other dealers by walking around throughout the weeks and chatting with each dealer one on one. The best way we have found to grow your knowledge and increase your success is by exposing yourself to as many people as you possibly can! We are all such unique dealers that have different qualities and styles to offer. This creates a community of individual businesses that really benefit from understanding each other’s brands so that we can all help our customers find the right pieces they are searching for.

The other aspect that we were aware of during the fall but found incredibly strong and vital during the spring show was the support provided by Kathy Johnston, The Compound Show Organizer, and Mark Massey, owner of The Compound. They are both on the property first thing in the morning with coffee and other treats in the office ready to keep us going throughout the day. We see them both a few times a day as they show friends and visitors around and just check in to see how our day is going! Obviously Margaret and I are the ideal vendors, requesting temperature changes to our section of the only air conditioned building multiple times daily.

In the end, we all have fun together, and we really just want everyone to succeed and it’s proving to be a fabulous community to be a part of! On top of all of this we are in one of the best venues that Round Top has to offer with all of the creature comforts of the city, like air conditioning, a coffee bar, food and tables and lovely restrooms! It is a truly elevated shopping experience. We feel so lucky to have found our spot at The Compound.


Kelly and Margaret