Modern Antiquarian with Diane James!

Spring is coming!

It wasn't that winter was particularly cold this year or even snowy, but it was awfully dreary. I swear I went weeks without seeing the sunshine and I am so ready for some color and cheer in my life!

Willy Guhl planters and blue sofa

To bring a little sunshine and happiness to our world Kelly and I visited the Diane James showroom in Norwalk, CT. Carolyn and Cynthia are the twin daughters of Diane James and haven taken over their mother's eponymous faux floral company. If you don't know this company, you should. They are sold at places like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and now at Modern Antiquarian!

Three Dian James Floral Arrangements in Vintage Terracotta Pots

Kelly and I are prepping for the High Point Antique and Design Center show in April. We are shifting our focus for this show to highlight the other pillar of the business which is our garden antiques! We will be bringing in some fabulous garden ornaments of all sizes, planters, pots, seating, and even outdoor dining! Of course, we'll still be bringing some Swedish antiques because we couldn't possibly leave those behind.

Vintage and antique planters and vases

When thinking about the booth design for High Point, we decided the best way to really jazz up our space and make our garden items stand out was to bring in some fabulous florals and greenery that would last. We spent a few hours with Carolyn looking at our collection of antique and vintage vessels and planters to come up with some beautiful Diane James options that range from the traditional boxwood topiary in a tabletop vase to a luscious pink arrangement in a terracotta pot. We won't give away all our secrets, but we have included a few preview photos for you.

Large Diane James floral arrangement

The exciting thing is this is our own collaboration with Diane James! We are using our one-of-a-kind vases, planters, and pots and pairing with Diane James arrangements to create truly original pieces of floral art! How exciting is that? Get them while they last because you know people will be oohing and aaahing over these florals for years.

White Flowers and greenery by Diane James in Modern Antiquarian vintage pot