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Pair Blue and Turquoise Iznik Vases, Late 19th Century

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Dating back to the 1890s, this exquisite pair of Iznik vases epitomizes the timeless allure of Turkish pottery. Adorned with the iconic cobalt and turquoise hues against a white backdrop, these vases exude the classic charm that defines Iznik craftsmanship. The delicate repetition of a flower motif, meticulously hand-painted, captures the essence of nature's beauty. These vases stand as living testaments to the mastery of the art form, embodying the rich history and cultural elegance of Iznik pottery. A harmonious blend of colors, motifs, and heritage, they offer a glimpse into the enchanting world of Ottoman-inspired artistry. One vase has a slight lean to it. Vaes measure 6" h x 3.25"dia and 5.75"h x 3.25"dia.
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