The Galleries in Wellfleet on Cape Cod

Hi all!

The Northern most towns on the tip of Cape Cod are whimsical, natural and authentically charming. Kelly just got back from her annual family vacation in North Truro. Right next door is Wellfleet, a small fishing village that has a history of being home to many artists over the years. An afternoon spent strolling through town can start at the top of Main Street at Sick Day, a surf shop with an interesting logo and awesome beach accessories. There is a candy shop, Emack and Bolio’s on the back side of that very same building! Scattered along the street is a variety of mom and pop shops offering unique jewelry, trip memorabilia and more. Theres a sweet children’s toy shop called Abiyoyo that has salvaged many rainy beach days for my family!

As you round the corner down the hill you’ll approach many striking white colonial buildings sitting against the marsh that surrounds downtown Wellfleet. This is really where the magic begins. First there are two fabulous shops that share the building at the top of the hill, Salt and Ragg Time. They carry the beachy version of everything you’ve ever dreamed of throwing on for a dinner down by the water on the Cape. After you’ve stocked up for your new beach lifestyle you can get down to business.

The Galleries are the real reason you are here. There are countless galleries in Wellfleet and new ones keep arriving each summer. I stopped into the 4 that really caught my eye this summer and got the low down on the artists, how to purchase or commission pieces from them and also just a really fun day trip in Wellfleet Massachusetts, one of my favorite places in the world!

The Works Gallery

This building is gorgeous and used to sit on the traintracks in Wellfleet, the building was transported to its forever location in the 1960's due to the loss of land down by the waters edge. The past few summers the space was home to Salt and now it houses The Works Gallery. The Gallery is owned and operated by Anne Suggs and her husband, both artists, Anne a potter and Paul a painter. Their work is amazing and the view out their back door is worth the stop alone :).

Celeste Fine Art Gallery

Celeste Koper is a Massachusetts native who channels the beauty and moodiness of the world in her landscape paintings. Her pieces are gorgeous and you can see some in person in Darien at BB Abode.

Harmon Gallery

The Harmon Gallery is in it's 18th season Artist/proprietor Vincent Amicosante set out to bring together a group of artists he respects and admires personally and professionally–-some are emerging artists, some mid-career, and some are established artists–all who work in a contemporary style, lending an urban flair to the Wellfleet gallery scene. Amicosante's work is featured throughout the galler as well and the extracted honey piece is one of his, my favorite piece in the gallery for sure!

After The Harmon Gallery you can stop by Mac's Shack for a drink and some fresh oysters! After your drinks you can stroll closer to the water. Here you'll find the Pearl Restaurant as well as the fishing docks. The sunsets right over the water and if you get to The Pearl early enough you can snag a table on the roof with the most perfect view of the sunset with a breeze. 


The Frying Pan Gallery

This gallery is my favorite in Wellfleet, I always make a point to stroll through and theres a wide variety of paintings, sculptural work and jewelry all sourced from local artists!

There are so many other fabulous galleries in Wellfleet and throughout Cape Cod. Each space is well curated with unique local artwork that really gives you a look at the culture that permeates all of the Cape!