The Container is Here!

Hi everyone!

Our newest shipment from the UK came in on Friday and we wanted to loop in all our peeps!

We received a shipment of hand selected garden and home decor objects, furniture, and accessories. The collection will be largely revealed at our booth in the Antique and Design Center of High Point. We have some cool things in the works to make sure that our buyers at home will still have access to that inventory as it’s made public at the show so fear not our little Modern Antiquarians!

The Loot!

We created a fun story on Instagram during the shipment's unloading.

If you didn’t get a chance to see it last week, head to our highlights and check it out!

So. Much. Garden.

Not only did the container arrive 30 minutes early, but the freight elevator was arguably not working and we had just unloaded a LOT of stone garden ornaments.

That’s when our man Emanuel Minnick made sure everything would work out. The elevator maintenance person allowed us to shuffle all our stuff upstairs in the elevator— thank goodness! Otherwise we would have had to ask the boys to carry some heavy things up an un-air-conditioned stairwell at the end of August. Yikes!


After these little snafus, everything went off without a hitch and its been smooth sailing since! We started methodically processing the boxes and were able to finish up within the day. We feel so excited for the fall, and incredibly grateful for the team we have built!

Stay tuned for more details about the fall... we have a few things up our sleeves! *wink wink*