Hi Guys! 

We've been teasing about this for a while now but its here... March 2018 Euro trips Presale! We know it can be hard to see some of the awesome pieces we see while we are buying overseas and then wait almost 4 months before you can claim it as yours. This is where our most recent brainstorm comes into play, we chose our 15 favorite pieces from the shipment and decided to list them on our online shop just for you! We've provided photos of the pieces as well as brief product descriptions! This commitment is not completely binding, because we know you'll want to see everything in person before you make the final call. 

Here is our policy for Presale Purchases:

Listed price is HALF of the full price of the item. The buyer will have 14 days upon arrival of the shipment to inspect the piece in our storage facility in Connecticut. Upon inspection of the item the balance will be paid in full or the item will be released for sale. The required 50% deposit is fully refundable.

We hope you guys like the idea of getting first claims over our select favorites from this truly awesome shipment! We honestly just couldn't wait to share some of these finds with you. 

Please never hesitate to reach out via Email, Instagram, or phone!


Kelly and Margaret