5/31/18 - Presale!

Hey Everyone!

So a few weeks ago we announced our Presale!  Remember how we went on a buying trip through Europe earlier this year? We had the most fun checking all the nooks and crannies and networking with our contacts to find the most fabulous pieces! The annoying part about buying overseas is that you've spent weeks searching and gotten all excited about what we've found, taken approximately eight hundred pictures of each one, and had to put them in a container to be shipped... Which means we don't get to see them for four months, which just doesn't seem fair. So we're rebelling! We've picked 15 of our favorites from the upcoming shipment and we're listing them for Presale on our website. 

The last 5 items were revealed this morning and there is definitely still a great selection left! we have less than a month until this shipment arrives stateside and then everything else will be making its way into the gallery and onto our website...

Check them out below!



Presale - Early 20th Century Leather Settee

Presale- Indian Carving From Temple Wall -18th Century

Presale- Pair Of 1960'S Oversized Leather Armchairs

Presale- Indian Batik Quilt

Presale- Set Of Pigment Jars With Original Pigment Included