Papier á Cuve Technique


We had a bit more free time than we usually do while on our trips while we were in Venice. Though we are creatures of habit... Finding a few incredible artisans who were willing to share a behind the scenes look at their practice so that we are now able to share them with you! Check out our IGTV of the entire process here :)

The first special artistic method we get to show you is the “papier á cuve” method of hand decorated papers.This technique originates in Turkey in the 15th century, the original technique was called “ebru”. This newer process was born in the 17th Century in France by the official bookbinder of Louis XIII, paper fit for a king. The Italian technique was developed from this french iteration. Using twelve colors and a variety of techniques the artist scatters paint drops strategically in the basin containing a mixture of chemicals that adheres the colors to the page. Each individual process creates unique one of a kind sheet of paper with unique marbling.

We were at the Venice location, so we were also shown the unique technique that was created in Venice. They have special tools with metal spokes separated in an equidistant manner. They have multiple sizes of this tool and it creates a distinct feathering look, you can see this in our video! We had an incredible time and were so grateful to Paola at Il Papiro in Venice for showing us the amazing technique and for letting us share it with you. Next, we’ll be showing you a behind the scenes look at a Murano glass factory.


Kelly & Margaret