Outfitting Your Beach Home: The Living Room

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The Endless Summer… It is a mindset!

Kelly and Margaret both enjoy heading up to the Massachusetts coast, Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, respectively. Both of us love the feelings that the beach evokes, so whether you’re on the water just for the summer, live at the beach year-round, or are landlocked and just like to bring a little flash of summer to your home. 

Whether you’ve got a big budget or a small one… We want to make sure you can always find a great way to incorporate your favorite places and the feeling of comfort and freedom that summer time can bring! One incredible way is to incorporate driftwood into your decorative scheme… While you may find an incredible piece washed up on the beach, there are also some incredible antiques that have been crafted from driftwood. A great example is this bench from the English coastline. I picture it in a parlor placed before a window, instantly you’ve got a sculptural and functional statement piece!

If you aren’t looking to invest in a big piece at the moment, another fabulous way to incorporate some beachy decorative elements is by using an antique or vintage vessel to hold a collection you’ve found while exploring the water. I, Kelly, personally have a collection of sea glass that I alway add to when I return from a vacation. This apothecary jar that we have is a great option for a collection like this… If seagrass isn’t your thing, you could collect shells, rocks or anything else that is an instant reminder of the day you were combing the beach for that flash of something special. 

Check back next week to see what type of pieces we would suggest for a beachy bedroom… Until then!

xx Kelly & Margaret