Outfitting a Garden: Faux Bois


It is no secret that Margaret is the member of the team who LOVES everything Garden. We figured it was time to educate you all on one of her favorite styles, Faux Bois. This french term means “fake wood”, and was popular between 1890 and 1950. There are many iterations of this style of garden ornament but we always look for specific styles. The French style  pieces can be made a few ways, most typically an iron rods and wires were formed for the concrete to adhere to. 

The style of concrete work was inspired originally by Andrew Jackson Downing, when he suggested building outdoor benches, tables and other structures like gazebos out of tree branches. By 1867 this vision had been shared and began evolving as new eyes approached the design. 

In 1867 Joseph Monier, a French gardener, exhibited concrete tubs and pots reinforced by iron at the Paris exhibition.  Soon, artisans realized when the concrete is in the middle of its setting process—  you could carve the patterns of tree trunks to the exterior of the pieces. Creating benches, tables, stools and decorative objects that appeared to be large pieces of wood. 


Margaret & Kelly