6/5/18 - May Trend Spotting Round Up!

Hey guys! 

It is officially June and Summer is headed our way. June is an exciting month for us, we have the new container arriving and are anticipating it eagerly! We wanted to round up our favorite looks from May before we dive into June's fun. Today we actually attended Greenwich Design District day and will be recapping our favorite events on Thursday! But, I'm getting ahead of myself...

Let's talk about the most popular styles and trends we saw popping up all over New York City, Connecticut and Massachusetts over the last month. One of the larger trends we spotted was bright, bold 70's and 80's styled interiors. Our favorite notes of this style were found at Raquel's Dream house at 79 Greene Street in Soho and Sasha Bikoff's incredible grand Staircase at the Kips Bay Designer Showhouse. 80's babies are now in their late 20's and early thirties and the youthful fun world they grew up in is starting to permeate more and more of their design work. It is definitely a more funky look but these bright fun colors make you feel like a part of something much bigger than just a room...its a statement!

Entrance to Raquel's Dream House

Staircase by Sasha Bikoff at Kipps Bay Designer Showhouse

Another trend we were loving was the mixing of metals and the return to maximalist, more traditional design. Our favorite room of the Kips Bay Designer Showhouse was hands down Philip Mitchell. The space was intended to feel like his own home. He incorporated years worth of his own inventory and collections into this space. It was honestly intoxicating and made you want to settle in with a big cup of tea and a good book for the afternoon. Philip even had dog bowls placed near the door for his own puppies to refresh themselves as he was setting up the space. Leaving this lived in detail really takes the space between a Showhouse like Kips Bay and the viewer out of the way. The collection of candlesticks was accumulated over time by his grandmother and most of the art on these walls were a smattering of inherited pieces and others that Philip picked up along the way. He said at the Greenwich Design District Day about the room, "I don't technically love every object in that room but I love it all because each aspect evokes a different emotion or memory of a person, place or time for me." Such an intriguing way to look at the objects and artifacts that fill your space throughout time.

People are definitely leaning back towards the lived in aesthetic, which in all honestly makes things a little more fun and a lot less stark! 

We'll be back on Thursday with some more tid bits from the Greenwich Design District Day. What a fun afternoon we must say though...


Kelly and Margaret