Margaret's Nest Update - March 2021

Hi hi!

As you probably know, I purchased an apartment in Manhattan in November 2019. The apartment needed a renovation, so I made the decision not to move in until after the work was completed. Well, I could write a book on how NOT to do a renovation. So, now, over a year later I am still not in my apartment, but we're about to start the work!

This ended up being a more robust renovation than I had originally planned. The first plan was just to renovate the kitchen and bath. I realized after some back and forth that I might as well do all the work in one renovation and make this the dream apartment I can live in for a long time.

I ended up adding in a washer and dryer and replacing the steam heat units with a PTAC unit that will operate with steam heat as well as offering air conditioning. That is a bigger scope, but I am not going through a second renovation project again anytime soon.

The good news is that we are just a few weeks away from starting renovations and the work should take 12 weeks. SHOULD. We'll see. Wish me major luck.

In the meantime I have been dreaming and scheming about what my apartment will look like. I am working with the incomparable Courtney Mcleod of Right Meets Left Interior Design to have an apartment tailor made for moi. I am super excited about some of Courtney's ideas and can't wait to show you guys! We've picked all the fabrics, finalized the floor plan, and worked on some wildly fabulous wallcovering options. I'll post a link to a video of the fabrics another time. Everything feels like me.

Keep the faith, it's all coming together. (she says to herself. hoping she moves in by the summer)