6/15/18 - Downton Abbey Exhibition

Hi Everyone! 

One of the most recent pop culture fads that brought traditional antiques back into the spotlight is Downton Abbey. I, Kelly, have to admit that I have not watched the show before but have always been pulled in by the strong period costumes and decor I saw in the advertisements and commercials.

Margaret on the other hand is a massive fan and so the two of us decided to make our way to the Downton Exhibition on the Upper West Side this past week after our lunch with Toma at Bergdorfs! The exhibition will be open until the end of the summer so make sure you stop by! 

If you've ever been to Newport Rhode Island you can imagine that the exhibit is set up a bit like the Upstairs/Downstairs situation that they have. They show you both the life of the wealthy upperclass families who finance these lavish homes but you also get a glimpse into the servers quarters and how all of the magic happens!

We had a great time viewing both the sets from the show on three expansive floors with decor, costumes and historical information guiding you along the exhibit seamlessly. We will admit there were a few spoiler alerts for people who haven't finished the show yet but the historical background on the early 1900's world in England is enough to distract you from those and we're sure you'll forget those silly details before youve walked back onto 57th Street. The exhibit absolutely captured Kelly and she's been binge watching since Friday! 

Antique furniture and decor are obviously key to creating a period show but the costumes in Downton Abbey are just as enchanting as the decor. Here are a few favorite outfits...

We hope you get a chance to make it to the exhibit before it wraps up!

Thanks for reading!!

xx Kelly