Destination: England - Our First Shopping Trip as a Team

While you heard about the epic failure that was our first flight, (linked here), overall our first trip as the Modern Antiquarian Team was fabulous! Though we landed in London, our destination was outside of the city so on Monday morning we left our hotel bright and early to take a train from Marylebone Station to Leamington Spa where we were meeting Gail for the beginning of our tour!

Margaret has been on 8 tours before and so this trip wasn’t extremely special for her but I was in HEAVEN. Margaret traveled throughout my first 18 months working for her and I always had stayed behind to maintain some level of sanity at our storefront.

This time I was along for the ride and able to ask questions, admire things on my own and experience the thrill of antiques hunting in England for my first time. Gail had our schedule packed with every space you could, or couldn’t, imagine an antiques collection being housed. This is one of the major bonuses to working with an Antiques Diva, you get introductions to some of the best, well-hidden Antiques dealers in the business with the guiding hand of someone who has been doing this for a while longer than we have.

While of course we take this business very seriously and we are deeply passionate about everything we do for it, we are just two silly women who enjoy working together and creating things! We love collaborating, discussing and processing the many different aspects of art, design, architecture and lifestyle that we experience in our travels and day to day living. We spent four full days driving from stop to stop in the English countryside. We had countless laughs, saw beautiful things and curated an amazing collection for our Spring Show at The Compound at Round Top Texas.

On our last night we stayed in a little pub with three bedrooms, we each had one of them. The whole place smelled lightly of a sewer and upon closer inspection, my room(and possibly the entire building) was on a steep slant. Margaret actually asked me if I would get seasick while sleeping. While I survived the night I must say, I did feel a bit queasy ;)…

We have fun developing this collection of antiques for our buyers and readers. Everyone looks at the world a little bit differently, and we are so happy to share our version of it with you!