Container Arrival - Fall 2020

Our container arrived!!

This means we have brand new inventory for you all. We captured a peek at the madness on unboxing day below, it's not the full picture but it does show that you have a bit of work to do before admiring your beautiful pieces as they’re unloaded. 

Now that everything is accounted for….We quickly got this new collection on the floor at both The Gallery at 200 Lex and The Antique and Artisan Gallery! We also had the opportunity to shoot some gorgeous vignettes with the new products, so we have been able to display all of these pieces online for shopping before the holiday season.

We so love this unique collection of Eiffel Towers. It reminds us of past European travels and each one is a true conversation piece. 

We found some beautiful large furniture pieces online that are even better in person! Check them out in our booth below!

Till next time!!
xxoo Margaret & Kelly