Chinese Tariffs and their effect on Antiques!

Right now your inbox is being flooded with emails about Chinese tariffs. Starting in January 2019, imports from China will be subject to a 25% tariff. Unfortunately this is not just subject to complete pieces made in China, it’s all the components made in China like hardware and fabrics. All those tariffs will be passed along to the buyer. This is an evolving situation and we’re all hoping for a good resolution for our clients and for our friends in the industry. 

In the mean time, we wanted to take the time to discuss why we are not subject to these tariffs and why you won’t be seeing an increase in our prices. We import antiques directly from Europe.  You can more about our sourcing practices here. Anything 100+ years is not subject to a tariff. Hooray! What good news for our clients and collectors. No tariffs on our inventory!

While buying something shiny and new is very alluring, it’s also going to come with a considerable price tag right now. Here at Modern Antiquarian we come from the mindset of “why spend more for less?” Why spend more for a piece mass produced in China when you can enjoy a similarly priced handcrafted antique made from hardwoods, old world techniques, antique fabrics, and historic paints? Why not invest in a piece that has a history that you can add to? Maybe you’ll pass it down to a family member or maybe you’ll resell it? Most of our inventory has been around for a minimum of 100 years which means that it has survived generations, and I assure you, it can survive the toddler years in your home too.

Antiques are made to be loved, used, and enjoyed. The patina and markings are part of the character and beauty of the piece. Don’t be afraid to use them, care for them, and add to their character. You are one chapter in a long story of each antique.

So why spend more on something mass produced in China when you could spend less on a hand crafted antique? You’ll buy something unique, distinctly you, giving your home the personality it so desperately craves. Stop looking for mass produced out of the box and start telling your story your way.

Go ahead and be bold. Mix it up. Just be authentically you while doing it. And I have just the thing for you.