Antiquing - the most sustainable way to shop for your home!

Earth Day is coming up this week and we know that Sustainable consuming has become a hot topic over the last couple decades.

This is mainly a response to how acutely aware consumers have become of how buying has long lasting effects the environment around us. A lot of consumers today are trying to be mindful about what they are buying and what type of carbon footprint that purchase will leave behind. There are a few factors when you look at something like a carbon footprint of buying a product but it includes considering: factory energy use, shipping costs, elaborate shipping protection (often a lot of plastic), and so much more. On top of the waste-- long lead times and disappointing waits often accompany the purchase of a "new" item.

Now, while the most obvious reason for buying and selling antiques is the appreciation of an objects or piece of furniture's beauty and craftsmanship. Sustainable consuming is an incredible incentive for focusing your buying towards Vintage and Antique pieces. Instead of adding to more production and waste, you can buy something that was already made. The craftsmanship required to produce most vintage and antique works is much higher than most  machine produced products of the modern world. So instead of thinking of antiques as delicate, think of it as an opportunity to give something another life.

If Sustainability is important to you, then antiques might be answer for you!