Alice in Wonderland Inspired June Vignette

This month we want to take you on an adventure.

It all started with the two red and white painted cast stone mushrooms we have. We looked at them and felt like we needed to create an adventure since we're all ready to break free from our daily routines. With escapism in mind, we can think of no place better to wander off to than Wonderland.

Backyards and gardens are offering more of an adventure than ever for us. This month we created an escapists garden that turns your perspective upside down with use of unusual materials like the driftwood bench or inspires the imagination like the mushroom stools do.

Driftwood benchConcrete mushroom stools art nouveau original paint

Around the corner is a crane, elegant but almost other worldly in it's bronzed finish.

Bronze crane garden ornament

Keep exploring as Alice did and you'll see the remnants of the Queen of Hearts and her limestone crown laying in the grass.

Limestone crown garden ornament

A trio of urns filled with colorful flowers spilling out add to the whimsy of the garden.

Three cast stone urn garden planters


We love all the ways you can use any one of these elements in your garden to spark the imagination of your children or guests. Enjoy your time outside to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the lush greenery.